Man, I don’t trust you!



Man, resentment builds as I see you

In your strength and power

Manipulate the way things are

So all you hear is you


Man, I guess you like the sound of your own voice,

‘cos the times I’ve tried to speak up

& show a different point of view

You’ve heard arguments and judgments

Not my intention to help…

And be heard


Oh Man, the resentment and anger builds

As you continue to ignore

The reality

That stares you in the face


Man, how can you choose to be so blind?

When change can only come if you

Choose to see how it truly is.


Man, I don’t trust you to lead us

Because you’re not open to see this

From a different point of view


Man, I don’t trust you to guide us

‘Cos, your beliefs are just empty words

That have no substance in your daily deeds


Man, I don’t trust you to take initiative

‘Cos your promises are empty

echoes to actions that never show


Man, I don’t trust you to honestly deliver

‘Cos you hide behind a mask without an

honest expression of who you really are


Man, I don’t trust you to be there

‘Cos you don’t seem to care

About me beyond the image of

who you think I am




Grief Unstuck

It’s safe to stay sad,
because somehow
it helps me to remember
all your faces and every vivid,
colourfully clothed memory
I hold dear:
of who I am,
with you and
who I was
for you…

but when I remember
how you dance
when the world’s cracked open
your beating heart;
how you dance with the pure joy
of being fully alive…

I don’t want to stay sad any longer!

Hollow out my heart:
get this grief unstuck!

cos I want to flow to the dance
of the joyful drum
that beats
the cry
of LIFE to all
who feel.

Life’s too short to stay stuck in sad,
when there are many emotions
to experience;
so much to express
through many beautiful moments we live…

So I will weep
until the grief
grows up
into the Tree of Remembrance,
whose branches are used
to beat the drum
that keeps us dancing


I won’t forget
Your song.
It sings forever
in my heart
and helps me learn to

dance again

© 2012. R. Newport

P.S. Thanks to Naomi Thyer for taking the photo of our family’s Pajero still going strong over 8 years after we left Murgwanza (Tanzania).

Far Away

Pink flowers twin bud

For Bibi – Mama Grace

Far away…

tucked in my memory file,

You lie.

Breath gone;

life departed,

save the images

in the recess of remembrance.

Time tolls the

distance dirge:

words are lost

to numb knowledge.

Far away…

tucked in my heart

You live:

Life lost;

Love gained:

forever living

far away.

© 2005 R. Newport

heart 2 heart

NZ bone carving with paua shell on purple scarf

i heard they passed Amendment 1

in North Carolina this week

and in a somewhat tangental way

it got me thinking of




 the deluge of questions

we waded through:

questions you sought answers for

because i needed to know

what it all might mean if…..?

questions i attempted to resolve

to show you

my love was true

in action as in speech

i remember the slow deconstruction

of all our beliefs

that enshrined shame

and kept us from



each other….

when i remember all we experienced

in facing who we are,

i marvel at the beautiful unveiling

of two hearts meeting

regardless of creed, race

and gender

that wonderful moment when


dissolves into

exquisite love

i am overwhelmed with gratefulness

that you opened your world to me

and let me love you

as you are

my world’s transformed by the gift of you;

that will never change

wherever our pathways may lead

your love teaches me

to look to the heart of the matter,

let go of my judgments and ideas of what would be

and instead


the life present

in me


in you

here and now

as i watch the battle


for all forms of love to be

legally recognised

on the outside

a struggle

to be seen,

to be heard

to be accepted,

to matter…..

these questions

rise in me again



am satisfied


if there was a battle


to fight

on the inside

we won

by loving

and accepting


me and you

as is

© 2012 R. Newport

Thank you for being…

two orange butterflies

“Thank you for being

in my universe”*

I’m so blessed you

landed by my side


The stars shine brighter

when you draw near

& sunsets are fun to chase

when you are here

“Thank you for being

in my universe”

I’m so blessed you

landed by my side


I don’t know how you snuck

into my heart so fast

but here you are  &

there your space will stay

“Thank you for being

in my universe”

I’m so blessed you

landed by my side


I don’t know what the future brings

most likely an array of many things

for now all I can say is:

“Thank you for being

in my universe”

I’m so blessed you

landed by my side


Maybe the day will come

in the not too distant sun

when you will choose to

flutter off, explore another unnamed place


Whatever may be, however far

apart our paths may stray

I’d like you to know:

I’m so blessed you

landed by my side


“Thank you for being

in my universe”

© 2012 R. Newport

* Phrase: “Thank you for being in my universe” © 2012 Brent Harpur


coloured glass imprinted leaf

I am grateful

to belong

I am grateful

to have you say

the words I need

to hear

I am grateful that

You love me

no matter what

and however much I may be

a mystery

You stay

I am grateful to You

that You don’t give up on me

even when I push You away

I am grateful for the force You are

that keeps me going

I am grateful

Oh so grateful; for You.

© 2008 R. Newport


Clouds at sunset

It’s not that we are lost

but things don’t stay the same

It’s not that all is gone

but things must always change


There’s not always a reason why

but things don’t stay the same

It’s not that it was wrong

but things must always change


Don’t take any notice

of the tears that I shed

It’s just a sign

my heart’s unsettled by the change


Sometimes there’s no second chance

to get things right

Nothing to change the consequences

of the choices we have made


I’ll be on my way

there’s nothing left to say

We’ve gone our separate ways

and it’s ok,

it’s ok


© 2005 R. Newport